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Getting excited about the 2014 AMRA Race Series!

Other News
9/10/2013Eric Schettler just got back from the WeBe Monte Vista Race.  Read his race recap.  
8/28/2013The Official Race Schedule is out!!!!
8/28/2013Special thanks to Jeff Prince, the State Coordinator for OHV in AZ, for taking the time to educate our club on what his department is working on for the future of  our sport.
There is a Single Track Summit – September 14th at Apache Motorsports to discuss issues related to only single track motorcycles. Everyone is welcome.
7/29/2013Worried about your brakes, but don't have a lot of cash to spend on maintenance?  Read up on brake tech tips from  Eric Schettler of Kelly's Kawasaki.  
4/27/2013Get to know one of our up and coming fast kids, Payson Johnson.  He not only rips through the desert, but he's smart too!  He is our April Mini-Rocker.  (Yes, we skipped November - March, we have no time for write-ups during race season.)
4/27/2013We had a good turn out for our Thank You BBQ for the Tri-City Fire Department.  Click here to see our gallery of pictures.  Thanks again to all those guys for supporting our races every year in Globe!  We really appreciate it.
4/22/2013DG broke away from kid duty long enough to convert his 2012 KX450 to a Dual Sport bike.  Read on to learn how to do it yourself.
3/4/2013Having problems with your radiator?  Save yourself some potential hassle and read this review of Mylers Radiators from Mike Milewski before you buy anything.
2/25/2013We had a fantastic time at the RSMC Classic VII in Globe last weekend.  Please see the AMRA site for results.  Big Bikes and Minis. Pictures and video should be available soon.  
1/13/2013The Rock Stars are gearing up for another great race in Globe.  See the 1st draft of the Globe 2013 Flyer.  
10/14/2012October Mini Rocker Cole Cherick gets to ride from his house out into the desert whenever he wants!  See what else makes this kid cool.  
10/13/2012What makes DG so fast? It could be his clutch.  Read his review of the Rekluse Core EXP.
10/13/2012So we're running a little late on the October RS of the Month. This is the admin's fault not the rider's.  Read up on one of our founding members, David Gronlund.
9/11/2012DG was kind enough to write up a review of X Brand Googles.
9/9/2012We have another girl for the Mini Rocker in September.  Get to know one of  our animal lovers, Taylor Zimmerle.  
9/5/2012We pulled out the big guns for September.  Get to know our "Tank" AKA Matt Scoutten.  
8/28/2012Thanks to Bryan Martyn from the Arizona State Parks for coming to speak at our club meeting.  He was very open to communication and can be reached at 602-542-7102 or
8/1/2012Are you interested in knowing more about a guy who would refer to himself as a ninja?  Read up on August RS of the month, Andy Little.
7/31/2012Since the Rock Stars seem to be single-handedly trying to keep the AZ bike sellers in business this year, Eric Schettler has written up some tech tips for prepping your new bike.  
7/31/2012The 2012-2013 AMRA Race Schedule has been published.  
7/30/2012Kyle Theobald raced his 1st ever race in Globe, AZ.  Read up on this 2nd grade racer who is our Mini Rocker for August.
7/1/2012We are recognizing Logan Ohrt as the RS of the month.  We debated making him the Mini Rocker of the month since he's only 14, but it didn't seem appropriate since he's about to start racing the A class.  
7/1/2012Alec Haglan is on of our young riders.  Learn more about him as our Mini Rocker of the Month for July.  
6/26/2012Club Elections are official! Welcome to our new officers and thanks to our outgoing ones.  
5/31/2012Meet June Rockstar of the month, former RS President, Jeff Vrieling.
5/30/2012Nick Christensen is moving up from the 65A class, here is your chance to meet him before he goes pro!
5/28/2012Welcome to our newest family members, the Gronlund twins. Shaun David joined us 5/28 at 11:11am. Weighed in at 5lbs 5ozs and 19" long. Little brother Joseph Andrew joined a minute later and weighed in at 4lbs 9ozs and was 18.25" long.  Congratulations to Dave & Lori!
5/2/2012The Rockstars are not all about men.  Meet our very impressive B Rider, Megan Applegate.
5/2/2012We decided to honor the girls this month and Tricia Milewski is our Mini Rocker for May.
4/6/2012We have added our first pictures to the New Members page. The intent is to put a face to some of the new names on the forum.
4/6/2012We now have an Articles section added that includes links to other publications related to our members (from or about them.) So far it is a tribute to Bob Theobald, but I'm sure the other members will be contributing soon!
3/28/2012Find out the history behind RS AA Rider Eric Schettler who is the April Rock Star of the month.
3/28/2012Shaun Stuck, our spelling bee champ, is the April Mini Rocker.
3/27/2012Jason Hiles provides some insight on maintaning your bearings in our first Tech Tip.  
3/18/2012Read up on a first hand experience with NOST Suspension by Eric Ellison.
3/18/2012Product Reveiw of 2012 Moose Sahara Gear by Cole Jaquette
3/18/2012Update the RS History with some pictures of the original meetings.  Thansk to Paula for digging those up!
3/4/2012Meet March Mini Rocker, Justin Chambers, the terror of the 50cc 4-6 class.
3/4/2012Are you curious about any of our riders from Superior?  Find out some more about Derek Almejo, March's Rock Star of the month.
2/20/2012Gronlund's review of Zac Speed Packs.  
2/15/2012History of the AMRA and the Rock Stars by DG.
2/8/2012Want to know more about our President?  See the 1st installment of the RockStar of the Month and read up about Todd Johnson.  
2/7/2012Interested in staying hydrated?  Check out the review on Hammer Nutrition products by Ben Hutchinson!  
2/5/2012Many exciting changes are coming to our website.  The first  update is a chance to meet one of our younger riders.  See our new Feature on our Mini Rockers starting with Cole Jaquette.
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